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The Struggle Is Real!

Does this sound familiar? Struggling to get found in Google search engine? Confused by all of the many tasks to optimize your website? Then you are the right place! 🎯

With the help of a Small Business Google coach and this free course, Pamper My Business will provide the right answers that can help you easily optimize your website so you can get found by Google search engine. Then, you will be able to connect with your target customers and work on converting them to loyal buyers.

Ready to start pampering my online business

If this is what you are looking for then you are in the perfect place to start learning. By choosing to start with Pamper My Business (PMB) Essentials, you are taking a small step for you and a giant leap for your business! It also means that you are ready to start pampering your online business.

Our elite training and coaching will provide you with the assurance that you are not alone as you build you work on optimizing your website for Google search engines and building your business brand online.

You will receive access to business tools that can help you assess your website's optimization status along with your online business brand to see if you have everything in place. Also, you get access to videos that can help you learn more about WordPress. Yes, you even have access to a training video that introduces you to WordPress.

Don't wait, get started today with this FREE course! 😎😍🤩

What Is Pamper My Business Essentials?

2 Lessons

START HERE so that you can learn all about Pamper My Business (PMB). This is an overview of what you will have access to and how it can help you grow your business.

Preview of WordPress Basics

3 Lessons

Welcome to Getting Started with WordPress, where you will learn the basics! Even if you have some knowledge of WordPress, this training can help guide and expand what you thought you already knew. This course will help you create a firm foundation of knowledge about WordPress before you get started with creating your own WordPress website.

Bonus Tools

4 Lessons

We wanted to give you access to bonuses that could help you get started with optimizing your website! Jump right in and start checking out these bonuses.