Group Website Maximizer Coaching


Let's stop and think about what it would feel like to have no worries about website traffic. Or what about having an abundance of clients visiting your website and buying your products and services.

This is our goal for you. The Group Website Maximizer is ready to assist you to be found by search engines so that you can sell to your target customers. Then you can encourage them to become loyal buyers when you learn the actionable keywords that speak to them.

In our group coaching, you would learn how to do things like:

  • Researching for your actionable keywords to see how your target customers are engaging with your website
  • Learning how to assess what's driving traffic to your website.
  • Determining how your actionable keywords are bringing your target customers to your website as they seek products or services similar to what you are offering
  • Enhance your website's blog by integrating actionable keywords into your blogging strategy
  • Integrate actionable keywords into your social media profiles & online efforts to connect with your target customers
  • And More…

If This Fits You, Then Don't Miss Out!

Coach Kim is your Small Business Google Coach who loves sharing her 20+ years of knowledge to teach you how to optimize your website so that you can be found by search engines!

Goal-Oriented Coaching

Motivated group coaching that will increase your visibility from zero to hero in search engines and reach your target customers so that you can sell to them.

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Getting Started With Group Maximizer Coaching

2 Lessons

What if you could be in a group of entrepreneurs who want to learn how to increase their visibility in search engines with a Small Business Google Coach. Would you like to join? Come on in!

Assessing your website online footprint (what impact do you make online)

3 Lessons

Every website has an impact on the internet whether it's small or large. The focus of this module is to help you Assess your impact online and learn how to increase it.

Creating a Plan that attracts your target customers

4 Lessons

Implement the best strategy for your website

2 Lessons

Check your efforts as you shine online

3 Lessons

We will spend time checking your analytics and how your website stacks up to your competitors. You will also learn techniques that will speed up your website.

Creating ongoing plans for your website

1 Lessons

Group Community Chat

1 Lessons