DIY Website Optimizer


Start the year off right by optimizing your website for search engines!

Are you frustrated because your website isn't showing up in search engines for your keywords? Do you want to discover how to increase traffic to your websites from search engines?

Then this course is for you! 🎯

We want you to learn how to optimize your website so that you can be found by search engines. Being found by search engines can help you connect to your target customers. Then when you connect to your target customers, you can convert them to loyal buyers.

Now that's cool, converting target customers to loyal buyers! 😎

If this sounds like something you want to do, then this course is perfect for you!

During this training course, we will dive into the following topics about optimizing your website. The acronym APIC is what we will use to help you easily remember how to optimize...

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Check

Once you complete this training, you will have a strategy in place to optimize your website and with ongoing management tips.

If you choose not to complete this course, you will face having a website that's not optimized and can possibly miss out on connecting with your target customers. 😟

With this training, you will explore ways you can optimize your website, be found by search engines, connect to your target customers, and then convert them to loyal buyers. 🤩

Don't miss out, start optimizing today!

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What is DIY Website Optimizer Coaching?

2 Lessons

Discover the goals behind the DIY Website Optimizer coaching course. We want you to get an understanding of why it's important for you to start with this course. It sets a firm foundation for our coaching program.


3 Lessons

Because we want you to understand what is going on with your website, we start with an assessment. The assessment will include reviewing your website to find keywords you can then evaluate using Ubersuggest. 


4 Lessons

You will work on creating your website optimization strategy. The key to your success in this module is being ready to put in the time and effort to create a strategy that will improve your website.


4 Lessons

Now you will take the strategy you created in the previous module and learn how to start implementing it as you begin optimizing your website so search engines can find you.


2 Lessons

Check, check, check 1,2,3! LOL! Just a little bit of humor to help ease any tension about looking at your analytics (number) and seeing if your strategy is working. Don't worry, in this module, you will also learn how to tweak your efforts to improve what's going on in your website.

BONUS: Community Chat

1 Lessons

Jump in and engage with your fellow academy participants. The Community Chat becomes available after you have earned 10 EPs.